I arrived in Kigali; the capital of Rwanda on the 9th of the above mentioned month and was picked up by Fr Francois Harelimama SAC; the Regional rector of the Holy Family Region Rwanda.
On the 13th, I travelled to Butare where our international novitiate is. There our Region has eight novices: two from Nigeria and six from Cameroon. However, my visitation started there with the holy Eucharist, assisted by Fr Romuald SAC; the assistant Novice master. As this Noviciate is an international community, it accommodates novices from Rwanda, Congo, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Cameroon.
On the 17th, I had a warmth meeting with the regional council of the Holy Family region in Kigali. This meeting focused mainly on how collaboration can be deepened between the two entities (Holy Family region and Holy Trinity region). Most importantly, during the course of the meeting, it was declared that our international Novitiate is more than ready to receive candidates for novitiate from Tanzania.


On the 18th, at about 1: am, I left Kigali to South Africa through Nairobi Kenya. With the special grace of God who granted me safe journey, I arrived in George at 17h 50. There, the rector Fr Baumann SAC, the novice master, Fr Dominique SAC, the new Pallottine priest from Malawi who is also the bursar of the novitiate Fr Johnbosco SAC; Br. Hermann SAC and the ten novices gave me a very warmth welcome. This novitiate is also an international community with one novitiate from Mozambique; one from Lesotho; two from South Africa (a Zulu and a White) and six from our region Cameroon-Nigeria. I was very glad to chat with all Novices in their happiness and great dynamism. Meanwhile, the visitation ended on the 20th with a benediction of the new second hand car, bought for the novitiate as the previous one was damaged in the accident that took place last year.


With the newly blessed car, I left with Fr Dominique who was the driver, to Idutywa to visit Fr Syrinus SAC in his parish. It was a journey of 800km and it took us nine hours to arrive there with Fr Syrinus waiting. On the 21st which was a day after, I celebrated a holy Mass for the intention of all the missionaries from our region working in South Africa. Fr Syrinus' parish has eleven out stations with some of them quite far from the main parish house.

On the 21st of May, around 10: am, we (myself and Fr Dominique) left Idutywa to Queenstown (Pallotti Farm) the headquarters of the Pallottines in South Africa. There, Fr Florent SAC was very happy to receive us. This community has five members: Fr Joseph Rankel SAC the rector of the house, Fr Brunner Ludwig SAC, Fr Seery SAC the eldest Pallottine in South Africa, and Sister Paschaline who belongs to the Congregation of Divine Love Ntaba Maria.
On Saturday the 22nd, I had a six hours meeting with Fr Florent in Pallotti Farm. In this meeting, we discussed about:
1. The situation of the conferrers in South Africa.
2. Our apostolate.
3. Formation in general
4. Personnel
5. Pallotti house in Merrivale
6. Finance.
7. Collaboration between Sacred Heart province; Holy Trinity Region and St Joseph delegature in South Africa.
After the meeting, we had a good meal with some good wine that can allow a better digestion. We as well watched the final of the champion's league between Bayern Munich and Inter Milan.
On the 23rd (Pentecost Sunday), we visited our postulants who are staying on the other side of Pallotti Farm. Since February 2010, our programme for postulancy was transferred from Merrivale to Pallotti farm. Fr Hermes P. Panonga SAC from Malawi is the postulant master. Also, there are six postulants; two from South Africa and four from Malawi.
I celebrated the feast of Mary Queen of the Apostles on the 24th with the Pallottine Frs and Brothers working in Queenstown and with the members of the UAC in South Africa at Pallotti farm. This was for me, a very great occasion to celebrate together in the spirit of St. Vincent Pallotti. In the afternoon, we visited Ntaba Maria and there we met with our conferrers Bishop Lenhof Herbert SAC (the retired bishop of Queenstown) and Br. Alfons Gross SAC.