The Consultative Congress of the Major Superiors of the Society of the Catholic Apostolate began today, the 14th October 2012, in the Pallottine College, Thurles, Ireland. The participants include 8 members of the General Administration, 20 Provincial/Regional Rectors, 2 Moderators, 2 Secretaries and 3 Translators. The theme of the Congress is:

To revive faith and rekindle charity": Apostles of Jesus in a changing world. "You in your turn must strengthen your brethren" (Lk 22,32). A project of individual and community spiritual renewal.

The day, 16th October 2012, began with the Eucharistic celebration presided over by Fr. Antonio Lotti, Provincial Rector of the Queen of the Apostles Province, Italy. Reflecting on the gospel of the day, Fr. A. Lotti reminded of the importance of authenticity in our Christian life unlike the Pharisees who did not practice what they preached.

The rest of the day was dedicated to the reports of the members of the General Administration. The Rector General, Fr. Jacob Nampudakam, speaking on the theme, "The Present Situation, the Challenges and the Projects for the Future", examined the actual situation of the Society with the help of the statistical data and his own experiences from the Visitations. He spoke about a "New way of being Pallottines", which will be characterized by spiritual depth, stronger Pallottine spirit and a universal attitude. He considered collaboration as the key to a better future of the Society. The following issues were identified as matters for urgent consideration and action: the future of the Pallottine presence in Africa, assistance to the entities that have few members, protection of minors, vocation promotion and formation, creative and responsible financial management, and offering of Pallottine charism as a response to the challenge of New Evangelization.

Fr. Adam Golec, General Secretary for the Missions, reminded that "faith is not only strengthened by giving but also urges us to be missionaries to that extent that the loss of vitality in the missionary impulse is a symptom of a crisis of faith". He then elaborated all the activities of the Mission Secretariat such as the preparation for the Pallottine Mission Sunday, preparation of the VIII Congress of the Mission Secretaries and the visits to the mission territories.

It was followed by the report of the General Secretary for the Apostolate, Fr. Martin Manus. He explained the initiatives of the Secretariat such as the coordination of the Social-Charitable Apostolate, Pallottine parishes, schools and the organization of the Pallottine Volunteers program. In 2014, the Secretariat will organize a week of training for those involved in the volunteer program.

Fr. François Harelimana, General Secretary for Formation, explained the various initiatives of his Secretariat. The Ratio Institutionis and its implementation are one of the important tasks of this Secretariat. He also mentioned about the various courses of formation conducted during the last two years such as the seminar for vocation promoters, Pallottine common Novitiate Program, meeting of confreres celebrating their silver and golden jubilee of their consecration, meeting of those responsible for ongoing formation, preparatory formation and those responsible for formation in the entities. The annual course on Pallottine spirituality is also another important activity of this Secretariat.

As the member responsible for the Union of Catholic Apostolate within the General Administration, Fr. Gilberto Orsolin referred to the present challenge of New Evangelization and the Pallottine response to it. He pointed out the great relevance of the Pallottine charism in reviving faith and rekindling charity in the Church today. He was assisted in his presentation by Fr. Jeremiah Murphy, President of the Union, by presenting the gradual development of the Union at the global level and the challenges faced by us. He emphasized the importance of good formation and the responsible involvement of the members of the Core Communities in the diffusion of the charismatic vision of our Founder.

Fr. Markus Reck, the General Secretary, explained to the Major Superiors, the initiatives taken by the General Administration in various fields such as communication, publication and preservation of documents. One of the important publications is Acta SAC, vol. XXI and XXII.